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How to Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics?

Table of Contents

  • View Custom Reports in Google Analytics
  • Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics

View Custom Reports in Google Analytics

To view the custom reports in Google Analytics, navigate to Customization > Custom Reports. It will open the list of custom reports. Click on the one you want to view.

Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Following is the procedure to create customized reports in Google Analytics and how to view these:

1. Log in to Google Analytics.

2. Click on Customization, and then Custom Reports.

3. Click on the +New Custom Report button.

4. Enter a name for the custom report. 

5. Choose what kind of report you want to create. Google Analytics has these three report types:

  • Explorer: A standard report that allows you to explore dynamic things in the form of a line graph and data table.

  • Flat Table: It is a static report with a table whose rows can be sorted.

  • Map Overlay: It is a good option when you want to see traffic and engagement reports on a world map.

Choose your preferred report type.

6. Now, define the metrics that you want to see in a custom report. To add these metrics, click on the +Add metric and select the metrics of your preference.

7. GA also has the option to add dimensions to create a more customized report. You can select more metrics like browsers, OS, etc. If you want to use this option, click on the +Add Dimension.

8. Lastly, you can add filters to your custom report, in case you want filtered data. To do so, click on the +Add Filter button and choose from the list of filters available.

9. Click on Save. Your custom report is created.

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