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What is CTR in Google Ads? Introduction

What is CTR in Google Ads?

CTR, or Click-Through Rate, is a metric that determines the rate of clicks on an ad per the number of impressions. In other words, it shows how many people saw your ad (impressions) and how many of them actually clicked (ad clicks). 

Here is the formula to calculate CTR:

CTR = Total Ad Clicks / Total Impressions


Why is CTR important?

Once your ad is up and running, you can check its CTR from the Google Ads dashboard. If your CTR is good, this means that of all the people who see your ad, most of them click it. If the CTR is bad, very few people find it relevant to click. 

The success of an ad campaign depends on the CTR. It’s because the bad CTR affects the Quality Score negatively and increases the amount you pay for every click. Good quality scores improve the Quality Score and help you to find top spots at a low cost. 

Furthermore, a good CTR means people who are searching for your keyword are finding your ad relevant.

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