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What Are Different Types of Google Ads Campaigns?

Understanding Different Types of Campaigns in Google Ads

1. Search Ads

This type of campaign is used when you want to show your ad on the search engine results page (SERP). You can set the right keywords for your ad, and when people search those keywords, Google will show your ad on the SERP, either at the top or the bottom. 

It is the most used campaign type as it is suitable for the majority of businesses. 

Search ads in google ads Campaigns

2. Display Ads

As the name conveys, the display ads are shown in the form of images or banners. Google delivers these ads on websites that have AdSense approval, as well as on YouTube

Display ads are used to raise brand awareness, show ads on specific websites, build a marketing campaign, and advertise on YouTube.

Display ads in google ads Campaigns

3. Video Ads

Video ads are generally used for advertising on YouTube. You can select the ad format, such as skippable ads, non-skippable ads, etc. Non-skippable ads are slightly expensive as compared to skippable ads. 

These ads can be used to raise brand awareness, promote apps, promote YouTube videos, and for more purposes.

Video Ads in Google Ads Campaigns

4. Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are used to display the products from your website or eCommerce store on SERP and other websites. There are limited features for this type of ad, but its correct use can drive sales of the products. 

Primarily, these ads are used by eCommerce stores. The ads fetch the products from selected categories and show them to the targeted audience.

Shopping ad in Google ads Campaigns

5. Universal App Ads

Universal App ads are great when you want to promote and market your mobile app on search engines, as display ads on websites and YouTube, as well as in the form of a video on YouTube. 

Whether you want app installations for new apps or boost sales for existing apps, Universal App ads work.

Search vs Display Campaigns in Google Ads

The main difference between these two ad types is that search ads show up only to visitors who are already searching for your product or service. In contrast, the display ads show up based on mainly targeted parameters. 

You pay for search ads only when there is a click. In comparison, display ads can be shown on hundreds of websites on the internet. 

Both the ad types are beneficial for the website owners if each ad is used on the basis of their use cases. For some websites, the search ads will work, while for others, the display ads will be more beneficial.

For example, search ads are best when you want to generate high-quality leads, cater to local visitors, the sales cycle is short, or you are new in the business and SEO will take time. At the same time, display ads are best if your product/service is about visuality, to raise brand awareness, or if the sales cycles are longer.

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