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How to Track ROI of Online Ads? Key Metrics to Track

How to Track and Measure ROI of Online Ads?

To determine the source of the traffic to your site, you should use UTM tags in your URLs being used for ads on third-party sites. This will help you understand whether the ads are working for your benefit or not. You can also check which ads are performing and which are not.

For the online advertisements, the following metrics should be tracked and measured:

  • Brand awareness

Online display advertising helps you raise brand awareness. If you have been running ads for brand awareness, then you must check whether the traffic on your site has increased. 

Along with traffic, you should also check whether more people are searching for your business name on Google Search. The rise in social media shares and engagement is also a key metric to track. 

  • Sales increase

If you are running online ads for lead generation, then you must check if your product sales have increased. Analyze the traffic coming through campaigns and compare it with the product sales. 

  • ROI

Return on investment is a factor that can’t be ignored. Check your spending on the ads and calculate the results through ads. It should justify the investment to meet your business goals.

  • Traffic

If the goal of your ad is to drive more traffic to the site or store, then compare your traffic before running the ad with the traffic after running the ad.

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