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How to Increase Quality Score in Google Ads? Expert Tips

Importance of Quality Score in Campaign Optimization

The quality score determines the quality of your ad campaign and is a crucial metric to be evaluated for success. 

For example, if the quality score for your main keywords is low, then your ROI wouldn’t be good. Optimizing the quality score will increase your average cost per acquisition. 

Many times, the ads don’t gain traction because of the quality score. The bidding amount will be higher, the reach will be reduced, and the cost per click will also be increased.

How to Increase Google Ads Quality Score?

The key to increasing quality score in Google Ads is to analyze how relevant are the keywords, ad groups, and landing pages. 

Quality score depends on the following factors:

  • Relevance of keywords 

  • CTR

  • Landing page quality

  • Ad copy

  • User experience

  • Past performance

1. The first step to improve the quality score is to work on these factors one by one.

2. Target the ad groups with the right keywords.

3. Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to find relevant and useful keywords.

4. Write compelling content for your ad copy. Don’t just focus on keywords.

5. Optimize the user experience on the landing page. Run a mobile usability test of the landing page to check its performance. Ask your developers to improve things based on the test. Make a flow of the content to drive users towards CTAs.

Analyzing Competitor's Performance

To analyze what and how your competitors doing with Google Ads, use the following tips:

1. Search on Google with a few of your primary keywords. It will show the ads. You can analyze their ad copy, site links, landing page, etc., to see what they are trying to do. 

2. Use Google Ads Auction Insights report to compare yourself with other advertisers in your industry. This will also help you understand exactly who are your competitors when it comes to running Google Ads.

3. To find the keywords targeted by your customers, several tools like SEMrush, SpyFu, etc., can help you do this.

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