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What is Online Advertising? What Are Different Types of Online Advertising?

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  • What is Online Advertising?
  • Different Types of Online Advertising
  • Top Online Advertising Platforms 2023

What is Online Advertising?

Use of advertisements on the internet to broaden the reach of the business and find more potential customers is called online advertising. 

Different Types of Online Advertising

1. Social media advertising

The use of advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. is called social media advertising.

Social media advertising is an excellent way to raise brand awareness and reach specific audiences using a variety of ad formats. 

2. Paid search advertising

Paid search advertising is used by businesses to show up their websites in SERP above the organic search results. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top search engines for paid search advertising. You need to use the Google Ads tool to run paid search ads on Google. The same can be run on Yahoo and Bing from a single tool called Bing Ads.

3. Native advertising

There are thousands of popular websites and blogs on the internet with heavy web traffic as well as a social following. These sites help brands and businesses to promote their products or services by creating posts and videos. This is called native advertising. 

4. Display Advertising

Showing your ads to targeted audiences in the form of banners, GIFs, and other visual elements is called display advertising.

Google Display Network and Facebook Ads are currently the most used platforms for display advertising. While Google Ads show the ads on partner websites, apps, and YouTube, the Facebook Ads show these on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Banner ads

The use of rectangular or square graphics for advertising across websites, apps, and other online platforms is called banner advertising. These graphics can be shown across the top, bottom, or on the sidebars of the online platforms. 

Vertical banners for ads are called skyscrapers, whereas horizontal ones are called leaderboards. Banners ads are usually great for brand promotion or to bring more visitors to the website. 

6. Rich media ads

Rich media ads are a form of display ads with some advanced features, such as the ability to include audio, video, and other media elements. Such ads are more engaging and provoke users to interact with the content. Rich media ads can expand and float to grab the user's attention. 

7. Pop-ups and Pop-under ads

Popup ads are those that automatically pop up and open in new browser windows or tabs when users click on some elements on a website. The link opened in the new tab is usually the landing page of the website that has run the ad. 

Popunder ads are similar to pop-up ads. These open in a new tab or window, but don't pop up. Such ads are better as these don’t disturb the user from accessing or browsing the desired content. 

8. Contextual advertising

Ads running on a website related to the content on that site are called contextual ads. For example, the advertisement of a shampoo brand showing up on a blog related to how to cut your own hair. The content and ad match both match the user intent and have more chances of clicks. 

9. In-Text ads

In-text ads are added to the content on specific words or terms in the form of sponsored links. When a user hovers to these links, a popup will appear showing the content of the advertisement. Generally, the advertisement is added on the words related to the content of the ad. 

Different Types of Online Advertising

10. In-Image ads

In-image ads are those when some sponsored content is added to the images in the form of rich media or videos. When users rollover or click the image, the ad appears. 

Also called image-based advertising, in-image ads are a form of native advertisements. Based on the industry and popularity of the platform where you want your ads to appear, you can find the right partners for in-image ads. 

11. In-video ads

The ads placed over a video being played by the users are called in-video ads. These ads can be placed in the form of images, banners, or rich media files. These ads are great to grab user attention while they watch their favorite videos. 

12. In-page push ads

In-page push ads are a combination of banners and push notifications. When users are browsing a website, these ads appear like a push notification in the form of an image. The great thing about in-page ads is that they appear without the need for users to subscribe to push notifications. 

Top Online Advertising Platforms 2023

Following is a list of the leading companies that provide online advertising solutions:

1. WebFX

2. Leadbolt


4. InMobi

5. Adrecover


7. Rocketfuel

8. Propel Media

9. AdRoll

10. Perfect Audience

11. Taboola

12. Traffic for me

13. BuySellAds

14. ExoClick

15. Juicy Ads

16. AdXpansion

17. Ad Maven

18. Adblade

19. Vibrant Media

20. Smartyads

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