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What are Google Display Ads? Different Types of Google Display Ads

What are Google Display Ads?

As the name conveys, the display ads are shown in the form of images or banners. Google delivers these ads on websites that have AdSense approval, as well as on YouTube. 

Display ads are used to raise brand awareness, show ads on specific websites, build a marketing campaign, and advertise on YouTube.

Types of Google Display Ads

1. Standard Display Ads

The ads shown on blogs and websites in landscape and square sizes in photos are the standard display ads. Usually, these ads have the text written on the image itself.

2. Responsive Display Ads

These are the most used ads when it comes to Google Display ads. These ads use not only images and videos but also text and headlines. 

3. Remarketing Display Ads

The remarketing ads or the retargeting ads are the ones that are shown to people who have already visited the site but didn’t convert. These ads are supposed to target them again and convert visitors into customers. 

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