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What is Google Search Ads? Types of Search Ads and Examples

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  • Types of Search Campaigns in Google Ads

Types of Search Campaigns in Google Ads

    • Standard Search Ads

The search ads that are created in a standard way, like the one we created above with a step-by-step process, are called the standard search ads. These ads are used the most and are relevant for a majority of website owners.

      • Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are used when you want Google to automatically target the search queries on the basis of your website. Google will then create relevant headlines automatically and serve in the ads. 

This option is suitable for websites that are very well-developed, have proper content structure on web pages, and are SEO-optimized. Google Ads will pick up content from the web pages. You will have to create the ad groups on your own, along with writing the descriptions. 

      • Responsive Search Ads

Responsive ads help in showing the most relevant ads to the visitors based on their queries. When you create such ads, you can enter multiple variations of headlines and descriptions. 

When there is a query, Google will automatically pick up the most relevant headline and description, so that it can drive more clicks and optimize the ad’s performance. 

      • Product Listing Ads 

Product listing ad campaigns are used when you want Google to show your products in SERP with title, website, and cost. This is ideal for eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

To use these ads, you have to connect your Google Ads account with your Google Merchant Center account.

Here is an example of product listing ads on Google.

Product Listing Ads in Search ads campaigns

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