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How to Create Custom Audience in Google Ads? Full Process

Step-by-Step Process to Create Custom Audience in Google Ads

A custom audience is a great way to reach a more targeted and ideal audience by defining the most relevant URLs, apps, and keywords. The custom audience can be created for Search, Display, and Video campaigns. 

When you run a campaign based on a custom audience, it will automatically show the ads to the audience that is most relevant.


Creating Custom Audience in Google Ads

1. Login to Google Ads.

2. Click the Tools & Settings option, and then click on Audience Manager available under Shared Library.

3. Click on the Custom Audiences tab available next to Remarketing tab.

4. Click on the button.

5. Enter the name for the new audience list.

6. Now, enter the interests and purchase intentions of the users, and select whether you want to target people with these interests or who searched for entered terms on Google.

7. You can enter the website URLs of your competitors to target their customers.

8. You can also target the people who use apps similar to your competitors by adding the relevant apps.

9. The last option is to target people on the basis of places visited by them. 

10. Once done, recheck everything and click on Save Audience.

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