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How to Optimize CTR and CPC in Google Ads? Expert Tips

Table of Contents

  • Importance of CTR in Campaign Optimization
  • How to Increase CTR in Google Ads?
  • How to Reduce CPC in Google Ads?

Importance of CTR in Campaign Optimization

Clickthrough Rate is important for many reasons. It helps you learn what is working and what is not when you are putting efforts to target your audience. 

If the CTR is low, it indicates that maybe you are not reaching your target audience or the message you want to convey is not being expressed the right way. 

You need to improve the CTR because not receiving clicks and conversions from ads will just consume your budget without justifying the ROI. CTR is the first factor that is supposed to be checked when it comes to analyzing the ad metrics.

How to Increase CTR in Google Ads?

Here are some quick tips to optimize CTR in Google Ads:

  • Update headline and content

If you haven’t used keywords in your ad copy, then add at least one keyword in the headline and create a catchy line that can appeal to the visitors. It should evoke emotions in them and fulfill their needs. 

  • Proper call-to-actions

Drive users to click by including CTAs the right way. It should sound inviting that can boost the clickthrough rate. 

  • Include ad extensions

Ad extensions are great to drive the CTR because the extensions provide more options for the users to click. Along with the headline, they can also click an extension and reach the landing page.

How to Reduce CPC in Google Ads?

1. Try switching from automated bidding to manual bidding if your CPC isn’t right.

2. Create a remarketing strategy to target the visitors who have come to the site but haven’t converted. 

3. Narrow down your audience further by editing location, devices, and day & time.

4. Research and add long-tail keywords to the ad groups.

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