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How to Create Google Search Ad Campaign in 2024? Easy Way

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  • Step By Step Process to Create Search Campaign in Google Ads

Step By Step Process to Create Search Campaign in Google Ads

Here is how to create your first search campaign in Google Ads:

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.

2. If you are creating an ad for the first time in your account, then it will show you a +New Campaign button on the main interface. Click on this button. 

3. You have to select your goal now. For a search campaign, select either Sales, Leads, or Website traffic goals.

How to Create a Search Campaign in Google Ads1

4.Once you click a goal, you will be directed to select a campaign type. Select Search

How to Create a Search Campaign in Google Ads2

5. Enter your website URL or landing page URL. Click the Continue button.

6. On the next page, you will have to enter the campaign name. After the name, the next column is for search and display networks. Unselect the Display option as we are looking to run a Search campaign only.

How to Create a Search Campaign in Google Ads3

7. Next comes the Targeting and audiences tab. The first thing is location targeting. Enter the locations (city, district, state, country) that you want to target with your ad. You can also exclude specific areas within the selected location.

How to Create a Search Campaign in Google Ads4

8. Next, enter the languages to target, such as English, Hindi, French, etc. 

9. Now, define the audiences for your ad based on demographics, interests and habits, online activity, remarketing and similar audience, etc. Browse these things and create the right audience for your ad.

How to Create a Search Campaign in Google Ads5

10. Next, enter how much you want to spend on a daily basis, i.e. the daily budget.

11. From the next tab, select the bidding from the dropdown that includes clicks, conversions, conversion value, etc. To select the right option, you have to think a little bit according to the campaign goal.

For sales, you can choose Conversions. For Website Traffic, you can select Clicks

12. There is an option to select a bid strategy directly, which you shouldn’t use unless you are experienced.

13. Click on Show more settings to find more options. These options include 

Conversions: The type of conversion for bidding.

Ad Rotation: There are a number of options to optimize your ad, like Optimize for conversions. Select the preferred one.  

14. Using ad extensions, you can add additional site links, more information about your business, as well as contact number. 

15. Click on the Save and Continue button.

16. The next page is for setting up ad groups. You have to create some groups of ads with relevant keywords. 

17. To create an ad group, first, enter the name of the group.

18. Enter your target keywords in the keyword box. If you enter your website URL, it will show the keywords used on your site. Once keywords have been entered, you can move to create another ad group. You may create multiple ad groups on the basis of your ad and requirement.

19. Click on Save and Continue.

20. On the next page, you have to enter the final URL (the page where you want to bring the visitor), display URL, at least three headlines, 1-3 descriptions (up to 90 words per description), and tracking URL (if you want to track where your traffic is coming from). 

21. You have to enter these details for every ad group. Once you enter these details, the interface shows a preview of the ad. 

22. Once this is done, click Save and Continue.

23. The next page will show you a preview of your ad. If it is showing some issues that may impact the ad performance, then click on Fix It and resolve the issues one by one. 

24. Once everything is ready, click on Publish. It will send the ad to Google Ads for review.

Once approved, it will become visible on SERP for the chosen keywords.

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