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What is Conversion Tracking in Google Ads? Importance and How to Track Conversions?

Performance and Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

Keeping a track of the performance and conversions of your ads is crucial for success. Regardless of the type of goal setting for the ad, you must enable conversion tracking to find the number of leads, sales, downloads, newsletter sign-ups, etc. that have been generated from your campaigns.

What is Conversion Tracking in Google Ads?

Conversion tracking is the process of tracking the conversions from your campaigns running on Google Ads. Along with conversions, you can also see and analyze what is working and what is not. You can then revamp your bid, ad copy, and keywords. What is Conversion Tracking in Google Ads?

Why is Conversion Tracking Important?

There are several good reasons to track conversions on your site. When you don’t know how many conversions have been driven by Google Ads, you can’t measure the performance of the campaign. Conversions decide the success and failure of the campaign.

If there are fewer conversions and more clicks, you can learn that maybe you need to optimize the landing page. Conversion tracking helps you to understand things and put effort to maximize the performance of your ad.

How to Track Conversions in Google Ads?

Setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads will require you to add some HTML code to the website. To generate this code in Google Ads, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Google Ads.

2. Click on the Tools & Settings option and then click on Conversions.

-How to Track Conversions in Google Ads?

3. The next page will ask you to start tracking conversions. Click on Website

How to Track Conversions in Google Ads 2

4. Now, you have to select a category for tracking. It can be to track the purchases, add to carts, subscriptions, sign-ups, quote requests, etc. Select your preferred category. 

5. Enter a name for your conversion tracking. 

6. Enter the value of a conversion to measure the conversions. For example, if a product is sold, you can give it a value of 1. 

7. In the Count option, select Every or One. The role of this option is to define how many conversions to count per click. 

8. Once you are done filling out the form, click Create and Continue.

9. Now, you have to set up the tag to add to your website. There are options to do this: Install the tag yourself, receive the tag via email, or use Google Tag Manager.    

-How to Track Conversions in Google Ads 3

10. Here, let’s choose the first option. It will then show you the code to be added to the website.

-How to Track Conversions in Google Ads4

11. Paste this HTML code to the head part of your website or the landing page to be tracked for conversion. Click Next.

12. Once you have added the code, click on Done.

This will create a new conversion action to the Google Ads and will start tracking the conversions.

How to Check Conversion Stats?

  • To check the conversion stats, click on Tools & Settings in Google Ads, and then click on Conversions.

  • It will show you the list of conversion tracking actions enabled by you. Click on the one you want to see stats for. 

  • Here you can see the details about the conversion setup. When you click on the Web Pages tab next to details, it will show you the stats.

  • It shows the tracking status, tags, all conversions, all conversion values for respective web pages. 

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