Google Ads Tutorial

Best & Worst Examples of Google Ads Campaigns

Worst Google Ads Examples

1. In this ad, the advertiser has shown the website URL twice: once in the headline and then the display URL. Nothing in the headline related to products or keywords. Furthermore, there are typos and spelling mistakes in the description.

Worst Google Ads Examples

2. The visitor is searching for ford focus brakes and the ad is serving him with something that doesn’t relate. Someone looking for car brakes will not be interested in buying a car. 

Worst Google Ads Examples2

3. The visitor is looking for some freelancing websites and the ad is serving him with eCommerce website development services. The visitor will simply ignore this, which will increase your cost per click.

Worst Google Ads Examples3

Best Google Ads Examples

1. This advertisement by Upwork has a great call to action, compelling headline, user-friendly, unique and result-driven, as well as uses the sitelink extension. 

Best Google Ads Examples

2. This ad by SEMrush focused on solving the problems of digital marketers. It has used the keywords, included the CTA in the description, and added the ad extensions properly. 

Best Google Ads Examples2

3. The visitor looking to order cakes online has found almost everything with this ad. He can order the cake online, get it delivered within 3 hours, expect the pricing, and call the store. It will make him click the ad and convert.

Best Google Ads Examples3

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