Google Ads Tutorial

6 Best Tools to Design Google Ads Banners and Graphics

Best Tools to Create Banner Ads

Here are the five best tools to create banner ads for Google Ads:

1. Google Web Designer

2. Canva

3. Bannersnack

4. Bannerflow

5. Animatron

6. Smart Ads Creator by Wordstream

How to Upload Banners in Google Ads?

Once you have created the banners for your ads, it is time to upload them. Follow the steps below to do so:

1. Login to Google Ads.

2. From the navigation panel on the left side, click on Ads & Extensions.

3. Click the + button.

4. It will show two options- Responsive display ads and Upload display ads. Click on the second option.

5. Select the ad group to which you want to upload the banner.

6 Choose the banners that you want to upload. The supported image formats include JPG, PNG, and GIF. The maximum image size can be 150 KB. 

7. In the Final URL, enter the landing page URL.

8. Once you are done uploading the banners and URL, click on Save.

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