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Top 8 Tips to Follow for Effective Banners in Online Ads

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  • How to Create Banners for Online Advertising?
  • What are the Best Tools to Create Ad Banners?

How to Create Banners for Online Advertising?

There are numerous tools available today that you can use to create effective banner ads. Before talking about the tools, let’s first learn some crucial tips to create performing banner ads:

1. Right banner dimensions

Banner dimensions play a key role in the success of the campaign. You should check the recommended dimensions for every ad before designing the banners. 

2. Maintain hierarchy

The elements on a banner should not be placed randomly. It should follow a hierarchy- brand logo, content, and then CTA.

3. Keep it simple and clean

What most of the successful ads have in common is that they all have minimum content on them and are simple. Don’t make it crowded with icons, text, or other content.

4. Powerful content

The content or the ad copy being used on a banner must be compelling and powerful that can drive users to click. 

5. Color scheme

The colors that you use on your ad should match your brand colors. You can use an additional color if needed to drive emotion, but avoid being completely different from brand colors.

6. Buttons 

Buttons are generally not used on all banner ads, but if you are using them to add a CTA, then use it at the bottom of the ad with a complementary color. 

7. Animation

Animations have the potential to grab users’ attention and make your banner stand out from others. Again, keep things simple even with the animation. Keep the motions slow so that users can consume the content seamlessly. 

8. Show promos and discounts

Banners with discount codes and promotions tend to drive more clicks. If you offer some promotions, then highlight them on the banner.

What are the Best Tools to Create Ad Banners?

You can use any of these tools to create performing banners for your next campaign: 

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