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What are Extensions in Google Ads? Types of Ad Extensions

What are Google Ads Extensions?

Ad extensions are used to add some additional information to the campaign so that visitors see more reasons to click it. The extensions increase the CTR of the campaign and help in generating better outcomes. 

There are several ad extensions in Google Ads that you can choose depending on your goal.

Types of Ad Extensions in Google Ads

1. Sitelink extensions

Sitelink extensions are used when you want certain pages from your site to appear in the ad. For instance, you may choose to show the pricing page, free trial page, or all services page. 

Sitelink extensions in google ads

2.Location extensions

Location extensions are appropriate when running ads for local visitors. The ad will show links to your address which open the directions when clicked.

location extensions in Google Ads

3. Affiliate location extensions

These extensions are meant for businesses that sell through retail chains. The use of affiliate location extensions can bring more customers to the retailer as more people will be able to find the nearby local stores.

4. Call extensions

As the name suggests, call extensions are used to add a call button in the ad. People can click and call the business directly.

Call extensions in Google ads

5. Message extensions

Like call extension, the message extension adds a message button to the ad. People who prefer messaging over calls can use it and get in touch with the business. 

6. App extensions

App extensions are used to promote mobile apps. These extensions appear only on mobile devices. When you use it, the ad will show a call to action to download the app from the Play Store or App Store. 

App extensions in google ads

7. Callout extensions

A callout extension can be used to add some additional text to the description in the ad. You can mention the name of your products or services to give users a better idea about what you have to offer.

Callout extensions in Google Ads

8. Structured snippet extensions

Structured snippet extensions are very similar to callout extensions. The difference is that this extension is identified by a colon.

Structured snippet extensions in google ads

9.  Price extensions

To show the services or products with their pricing in Google Ads, you can use the price extensions. This is a good way to avoid the clicks that don’t convert. For example, some people come through the ad but avoid the conversion because of high rates. If they see the pricing right in the SERP, this can help in optimizing the conversion rate.

Price extensions in google ads

10. Promotion extensions

To show the ongoing offers on SERP and attract more people for sales, you can utilize the promotion extension. The ad will then show your offer, discount code, or the special occasion in the ad.

Promotion extensions in google ads

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