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How to Write Ad Copies for Google Ads? Best Practices

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  • How to Write a Compelling Ad Copy?

How to Write a Compelling Ad Copy?

Use the following tips to create a great ad copy for your next campaign:

1. Fulfill the need

It’s a good practice to include the keywords in ad copy, but only the keywords will not make the content attention-grabbing. All the competitors are using the same keywords.

To stand apart from your competitors, try to create headlines that show that you have exactly what they want. 

2. Drive emotions

To bring the audience into action, you have to trigger emotions in their mind. Emotional triggers in the content make the visitors feel that you understand their problems/needs and have the solutions.

3. Show benefits

Most advertisers try to show the key features of their product or service in the ad. But your focus should be on benefits. When people find that your service is beneficial for them, they are more likely to click. 

4. Include numbers in the headline

The use of numbers in the headline shows that your ad is to the point and clear. For example, if visitors can see the price of the service right at the SERP, they can decide whether your service is cost-effective for them or not. This can prevent unwanted clicks. 

Include numbers in the headline

5. User-friendly display URL

To further improve the ad copy, you can edit the display URL and make it user-friendly. Instead of keeping it the same as the destination URL, edit it in a way that tells users what to expect on the landing page. 

User-friendly display URL

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