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How to Install Git on Windows 10? Easy Steps to Download & Setup Git for Windows

Table of Contents

  • Download Git for Windows
  • How to Install Git on Windows?
  • Git help Command
  • Downloading Git on Other Local Environments
  • How to Configure Git Environment?

Download Git for Windows

So far, we have learnt what is Git and why it is used, as well as what is Git Version Control and different types of it. Now, let’s understand how to install Git on Windows 10 and do the complete setup easily. 

Here is the official link to download Git for Windows: 

After downloading, your next steps will be to install it and do the setup. For this, we have covered the full step-by-step process to install Git on Windows.

How to Install Git on Windows?

To set up Git on Windows, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the Git .exe file for your Windows system from the link mentioned above. 

  2. When the download is finished, open the file to see an installation screen. 

Install git on windows

Let's finish the installation by following the prompts. Click "Next" once you've agreed to the terms and conditions.

  1. Click Next to the next 4 slides that are going to appear. 

  2. In the “Choosing the default editor used by Git” dialog box, you can choose which editor you want to use, like Visual Studio, Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, or Vim, By default, it chooses Vim, which you can change from the dropdown as per your preference. 

How to install git

  1. The next step allows you to give your original branch a different name. 'Master' is the default name for it. Leave the default option and click Next unless you're part of a team that requires a different name.

how to install git on windows

  1. You can adjust the PATH environment in this installation phase. When you run a command from the command line, the PATH specifies the default set of directories. It is recommended to go with “Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software” for a hassle-free experience later. 

How to install fit on windows

  1. The next step in our process to install Git on Windows will now ask you to select an SSH client program you would like to use. If you don't need a special SSH client, leave the default selection and click Next. Git comes with its own SSH client.

How to install git on windows

  1. The following option concerns server certificates. The default should be used by most people. You may need to switch to Windows Store certificates if you work in an Active Directory environment. If not, click on Next.

how to install git on windows

  1. The following options change line endings. It is suggested that you keep the default settings alone. This option affects how data is formatted, and changing it may cause issues. Select Next.

How to install git on windows

  1. Select your preferred terminal emulator. Because of its features, the default MinTTY is suggested. Select Next.

how to install git on windows

  1. The installer will now ask you to choose the default behaviour of ‘git pull’. The default option is recommended but if you have a strong need to alter its functionality. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

how to install git on windows

  1. The next step is to decide which credential helper to employ. Credential helpers are used by Git to fetch or save credentials. Click Next after selecting the default configuration, which is the most stable.

how to install git on windows

  1. Although the default selections are suggested, this step allows you to select whatever additional options you want to enable. Check the box if you use symbolic links, which are command-line shortcuts. Select Next.

Installation of git on windows

  1. It may offer to install experimental features depending on the version of Git you're installing. Support for pseudo controls and a built-in file system monitor were both available at the time this article was created. Leave those unchecked and click Install unless you're feeling daring.

how to install git

It will start the Git installation on Windows and will take only a few seconds. 

  1. Once the installation is complete, tick the boxes to view the Release Notes or Launch Git Bash, then click Finish.

Complete Git Setup

Now, it is ready for use on your system. So, here’s how to install Git on Windows and do the setup to get started. Keep learning with our Git tutorial for beginners!

Git Tutorial

Git help Command

You can go for Git help if you're having problems remembering commands or options for commands.

The help command can be used in a variety of ways in the command line:

  • Git command -help: Displays all of the command's possible options.

  • Git help - -all: Displays all commands available.

Downloading Git on Other Local Environments

In addition to installing Git on Windows, you can also use it for Linux, Unix, and macOS. For doing so, visit

From here, you can click on the operating system for which you want to download and install Git. The next steps to follow will be mentioned in the next steps on the website.

How to Configure Git Environment?

Git includes a tool called Git config that lets us set configuration variables. All of Git's global configurations are saved in a .Gitconfig file in our home directory. 

Add the –global option to make our configuration values global, and if you don't, our options will be specific to the current Git repository.

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