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How to Create Free GitHub Account in 2024? Beginner’s Guide (Step-by-Step)

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  • GitHub Account Setup and Configuration
  • How to Create Account on GitHub for Free?

GitHub Account Setup and Configuration

You can either create a personal account, which serves as your GitHub identity, or as an organization, which allows numerous personal accounts to collaborate on various projects. See "Types of GitHub Accounts" for additional information on account types.

You must choose a billing plan for your personal account or company when you create it.

How to Create Account on GitHub for Free?

1. Visit the new registration page on GitHub here:

2. Enter your email address that you want to use for your new GitHub account. Click on Continue.

3. Next, create a password for the account, which should be strong and unique. Click on Continue.

How to Create Account on GitHub for Free

4. Create a new username which must be unique or not taken before. Click on Continue.

5. Next, it will ask whether you want to get emails about product updates and announcements related to GitHub. If you want to receive these emails, write y, else write n. Click on Continue. 

6. For account verification, a couple of captchas will be there, which you need to solve to proceed. After doing it, click on Create Account.

7. A verification code will be sent to the email address that you entered in the first step. Check your email and add the code here.

8. Your account has been created now. The next steps will be about your profile setup. Here, first you will be asked how many team members will be working with you. You can choose from given options according to your preference. Also select from whether you are a student or teacher. Click on Continue.

How to Create Account on GitHub

9. Now, in the next window, choose the specific features that you want to use on GitHub, such as Collaborative Coding, Security, Client Apps, etc. After selecting relevant ones for you, click on Continue.


10. The next window shows whether you want to proceed with a free account or go with a premium plan. You can compare the features and decide one for you. Here, let’s proceed with a free account.

So, here is how you create a free account on GitHub with the given step-by-step process above.

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