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Meta Blueprint Certification: Types, Cost, Benefits, and More

What is Meta Blueprint Certification? (Facebook Blueprint, formerly)

Facebook offers a number of important certifications that you get only after the exams. These certifications help you add value to your professional skills and resume. The exams test your proficiency with the apps, services, and knowledge of the platform. All the Facebook Blueprint certification courses are paid. There are some free resources available to learn things but don’t include certification.

Different Meta Blueprint Certifications and Digital Badges

Following is the list of certification courses offered by Facebook:

1. Associate: 100-101 (Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate)

It tests your proficiency in creating and managing ads on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. 

2. Professional: 200-101 (Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional)

It tests your proficiency in how you use insights and data for better marketing strategy and recommendations. 

3. Professional: 300-101 (Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional)

It measures how advanced you are with implementing your skills strategically on Facebook.

4. Professional: 400-101 (Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional)

It tests your proficiency in the way you create strategy for Facebook media and align them with your digital marketing plans and goals. 

5. Professional: 410-101 (Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional)

It measures your proficiency in campaign management for meeting business goals using Facebook Ads. 

6. Professional: 500-101 (Facebook Certified Marketing Developer)

Meant for measuring competency in the way you apply Facebook pixel to the website, standard events, custom conversions, etc. 

7. Professional: 510-101 (Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer)

Meant for measuring competency in the way you apply advanced solutions like dynamic ads, app events, SDK, etc. 

8. Professional: 520-101 (Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer)

It tests your technical proficiency in the configuration of marketing API integrations. 

9. Associate: 600-101 (Facebook Certified Community Manager)

Checks competency in the implementation of best practices for management of online communities. 

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