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How to Post on Facebook As a Page? Full Process

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  • Publishing Facebook Posts

Publishing Facebook Posts

Facebook is all about sharing relevant content and engaging the audience. You should be consistent with sharing posts to create a flow, keep users hooked, and raise awareness. When you share regular content, the chances of improving your audience reach increase. 

Here is how to share posts on Facebook:

1. Visit your page. Click on the Create Post option. 

2. You can now choose to write something and share it. You can select photos and videos from the device and add them to the post.

how to publish a post on facebook page


3. Once you have added a photo/video or some content, click on the Post button. The post will be shared on your page and reach your followers. 

publish post on facebook page

4. You can also share links in the posts. For example, if you want to share an article from your website, then the link will fetch the image, title, and short description of the post.

How to publish facebook post on page

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