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Different Facebook Page Plugins You Must Know

What is Facebook Rights Manager?

Facebook Rights Manager is a part of the Creator Studio platform. The role of this tool is to help businesses and creators control the way their posts and content are shared on Facebook and Instagram.

For instance, if you have created some unique content and shared it on the platform, you can choose to control whether to allow others to share it or not. 

If a blogger or publishing house doesn’t want their content to be shared across Facebook, they can use the Facebook Rights Manager to control it. 

What is Facebook Rights Manager?

To gain control over your content, you have to add the content to a reference library in the Rights Manager. The tool will then look for your content on Facebook and Instagram and find it. If it finds your content shared by others on the platforms, you can monitor it, block the content, or request attribution credit.

You get the options to select the locations whether you want to apply these changes to specific locations or globally.

What are Facebook Social Plugins?

The role of Facebook Social plugins is to help you allow your audience on the website or app to share your content with their friends, like or comment on your Facebook posts right from the website, and perform other actions. 

What are Facebook Social Plugins

Following are the social plugins available for Facebook:

  • Group plugin

Integrate an option on the website using which visitors can join your Facebook group. 

  • Page plugin

Show the website visitors your Facebook page. They can click the elements to explore your content.

  • Comments plugin

This allows visitors to comment on your blog posts or other content with Facebook profile. 

  • Like button

You can integrate a button on your site using which people can like your Facebook page without opening Facebook.

  • Share button

This button allows people to share your content on Facebook, on the timeline or in private chats.

  • Save button

This allows people to save your posts to their Saved Posts list on Facebook. 

  • Quote plugin

Using this option, visitors can select the content on your website and share it directly on Facebook. 

  • Send button

Useful for sending the content from your pages to friends on Messenger. 

  • Embedded posts

You can embed specific posts from Facebook on your web pages or posts.

  • Embedded videos

Like embedded posts, you can embed your Facebook video on the website and enable preview without opening Facebook.

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