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Facebook Business Page: How to Create & Set Up Facebook Page for Business?

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

To share any content on Facebook, you need to have one of the two things- a personal account or page. Both the account and the page can be created for free. Personal accounts are for personal purposes, like sharing family photos, vacation photos, random thoughts and opinions in the form of status. 

Whereas Facebook pages are meant for professional purposes. You can create a page for your business or individual (the way used by politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc.). You can’t create advertisements through personal accounts but can do it with a page. 

Let’s learn how to create a Facebook page:

1. The first step is to Log in to your Facebook account. In the top left, click on the Plus (+) button. 

2. From the dropdown that appears, click on Page.

How to create FB page

3. Once you do that, a page preview will open with options for you to enter the name for your Facebook page, category, and description.

How to Create a Facebook Page

4. The page name will be the name of your business or brand. 

5. The category is for your business domain, like an e-commerce website, clothing store, car rental, app page, gym, social media agency, school, etc. You can choose multiple categories if these define your niche. 

6. In the description, you have to write a brief about your business. 

7. Click on Create Page.

It will create a page for your business. 

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page?

To set up your page, you have to update your profile, like adding a profile photo, cover photo, adding username, website, contact details, etc. Let’s do this step by step.

1. Open your page.

2. Add a profile picture. It can be your business logo or a photo of the personality for which the page is created. Recommended dimensions for a Facebook profile picture is 190x180px.

how to set up a facebook page for business

3. Add a cover photo. It can be related to your website, business niche, services, products, etc. Recommended dimensions are 820x312px.

4. Now, add a username for your page. It must be unique (not taken). Try using your business name without any space. It will also become the link for your page- facebook.com/username. 

5. As you scroll down, it will show you all the things you should add to the page, such as website, location info, business hours, phone number, WhatsApp chat button, etc. 

how to set up a business facebook page

6. Add a call-to-action button. This can be: 

  • Follow

  • Book Now

  • Start Order

  • Call Now

  • Get Quote

  • Contact Us

  • Send Message

  • Learn More

  • Send Email

  • Sign Up

  • Use App

  • Play Game

  • Shop Now

  • Watch Video.

When you choose any action button, it will ask you to enter the required link or information. When your audience clicks the button, it will operate accordingly. 

For example, if you are using the Use App button, then the users will be taken to your app on the Play Store. The Learn More button can be used to drive users to the website.

set up a business facebook page

You must try to add as much information as you have to make the page more comprehensive for users.

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