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How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business?

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a great messaging tool to convert conversations into customer loyalty. Most of the customers say that the ability to send personal messages to a business makes them feel confident about them. 

Using Messenger, you can have private chats with customers, whether they are looking for information about your offerings, or want to report an issue or seek support. It helps you to pave the way towards meeting your business goals. 

What is Facebook Messenger?

Tips to Use Facebook Messenger for Business?

Facebook Messenger comes with several handy features for businesses to help them drive awareness, generate leads, acquire customers, enable transactions, and more. 

You can turn on the chat option on your Facebook page that appears whenever people visit the page. For common queries, you can set automated responses and instant replies. When you are not available, you can set away messages. Moreover, you can also use third-party tools like MobileMonkey and enable integration with Messenger.

You can increase sales by using Messenger with an in-store experience and marketplace. Facebook Messenger also allows you to add stories and promote the services. 

While creating a Facebook marketing strategy, you must plan how you are going to use Messenger for business growth.

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