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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tools

Best Tools to Use for Facebook Marketing

1. MobileMonkey

You can integrate this tool to your Facebook Messenger and Instagram, website, and SMS and interact with visitors in real-time. It’s a great option for marketing, sales, and support. 

2. Facebook Audience Insights

You can monitor the audience following your page as well as the general people on the platform. Using these insights, you can curate the right content that works for your business. 

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the best tools to create professional graphics for all social media platforms, with just a few clicks. There are custom templates available for photos, videos, flyers, collages, and animations, to which you can add your colours, select fonts, logo, etc. and resize the creations automatically for specific platforms. 

4. Buffer

Buffer provides features to schedule and publish posts on Facebook page and other social media accounts. You can see unified analytics and engagement at one stop. There are options to create and download reports, insights to improve reach and engagement, etc.

5. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a one-stop tool that allows you to perform competitor analysis, create content, publish posts, monitor engagement, and manage all aspects of your Facebook page. 

You can also find influencers for your business, research trending topics to create posts, and use PowerPoint and Excel reports in your design. 

6. SocialBee

If you are looking for a tool that can be used to publish posts simultaneously across social media platforms, along with all channels on specific platforms, then SocialBee is the right fit for you. You can post on the Facebook page, Facebook profile, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram business and personal account, LinkedIn page and profile, and Pinterest. 

7. HootSuite

It is one of the most used social media management and marketing tools. You can integrate the Facebook page, and other social media handles to it and post to all platforms in one go. You can schedule posts in advance, see insights of all platforms, and support the customers. 

8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has several handy features to improve engagement, publish & schedule posts, access to rich data and analytics, and social listening. You can also use it for customer service, employee advocacy and choose the plan according to your business industry. It is an ideal tool for businesses in travel and hospitality, computer and software, retail, and education. 

9. Post Planner

A cost-effective tool to create a social media calendar, set up times to publish the posts, and automate things to save time and prevent missing sharing of posts. 

You can find the top-performing content in your industry to revamp your social media strategy.

10. Promo Republic

It’s another great tool for marketing on Facebook and other platforms. You can utilize it to create a social media calendar, organize content, manage inbox, monitor reports, and manage your ads.

What is Facebook Rights Manager?

Facebook Rights Manager is a part of the Creator Studio platform. The role of this tool is to help businesses and creators control the way their posts and content are shared on Facebook and Instagram.

For instance, if you have created some unique content and shared it on the platform, you can choose to control whether to allow others to share it or not. 

If a blogger or publishing house doesn’t want their content to be shared across Facebook, they can use the Facebook Rights Manager to control it.

What is Facebook Rights Manager?

To gain control over your content, you have to add the content to a reference library in the Rights Manager. The tool will then look for your content on Facebook and Instagram and find it. If it finds your content shared by others on the platforms, you can monitor it, block the content, or request attribution credit. 

You get the options to select the locations whether you want to apply these changes to specific locations or globally.

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