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Guide to Facebook Insights for Fast Growth

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  • What is Facebook Insights Tool?
  • How to Check Facebook Insights?

What is Facebook Insights Tool?

Using the Facebook Insights tool, you can keep track of the way users interact with your Facebook page posts and content. The tool allows you to see each post’s performance, engagement rate, reach, new likes, page views, and more analytics. Using these insights, you can find the best time for you to publish a post and what kind of posts drive more engagement.

How to Check Facebook Insights?

To check Facebook Insights, open your business page. It will show you an Insights tab with a brief overview of your reach, engagements, and page likes. Click on See All to view detailed insights. 

How to Check Facebook Insights?

You can now see the actions taken by users on your page, the number of page views during the defined time period, new likes on the page, reach of posts and stories, engagement on posts, responsiveness, video views, and other metrics. 

Facebook Insights

By clicking on any metric, you can view detailed insights about the metric.

how to check insights on facebook

Facebook insight metrics

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