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How to Set Up Facebook Conversion Tracking and Reporting Using Pixel?

What is Conversion Tracking in Facebook?

Conversion tracking is used to track the actions of the visitors to your website. These actions can be adding products to the cart, making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, downloading an ebook, etc. 

To track conversions for Facebook Ads, you have to use the Facebook Pixel code on your website. You can see the conversions and related reports in Facebook Ads Manager, as well as Facebook Analytics.

How to Set Up Facebook Pixel?

Here is how to set up a Facebook Pixel:

1. Open Events Manager, or Ads Manager. From the Menu, find Events Manager and click on it. 

How to Set Up Facebook Pixel?

2. Click on Connect Data Sources.

Set Up Facebook Pixel

3. You will be asked to connect a new data source. For installing the pixel on your website, click on Web, and then click Get Started.

how to set up a pixel in facebook

4. Enter your website URL and pixel name.

5. You can choose to add the pixel to the website manually or use a partner integration. Here, we are doing it manually. Click on Install Code Manually.

how to setup pixel facebook

6. Copy the pixel code to be pasted on the website. 

how to create a new facebook pixel

7. Add the pixel to the website and verify if it is working. 

How to Set up Conversion Tracking in Facebook Ads?

Before setting up conversion tracking, you need to ensure that you have installed Facebook Pixel on the website. 

1. If you have installed it, then open the Ads Manager. Click on the Menu option in the sidebar, and click on Events Manager

How to Set up Conversion Tracking?

2. It will show you the pixels added to the website. On the top right, click on the Create button. It will show a dropdown. Click on Create Custom Conversion

How to Set up Conversion Tracking in Facebook

3. Enter the name for conversion, description, select source of data (pixel or app), conversion event, standard event for optimization, and then define the rules for conversion tracking. 

How to Set up Conversion Tracking in fB

4. Setting Rules is very crucial in conversion tracking. You can use URL > contains, and add your URL characters, like ‘order-confirmed’ or ‘thank-you’, etc. to calculate conversions. These URLs will open when the visitors actually convert. 

5. Click on Create.

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