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What is Facebook Commerce Manager and How to Use It?

Use of Facebook Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager is a Facebook tool that enables seamless and unified management of product catalog and sales on both Facebook and Instagram. You can promote your products by creating a shop in Commerce Manager. 

In the Commerce Manager, you can select the place for your customers to buy the products. These places can be your website, right on Facebook/Instagram, or with a direct message. 

The tool has features to customize the shop and product collections, view insights about the audience and products, manage payments, fulfil orders, monitor the performance of delivery and customer service, etc. 

What is Facebook Commerce Manager?

How to Set Up Facebook Shop in Commerce Manager?

Here is how to create and set up a shop in Commerce Manager:

1. Open Commerce Manager. Click Get Started.

Setting up a Facebook Shop in Commerce Manager

2. On this tab, select Create a Shop, and click on Get Started

Setting up a FB Shop in Commerce Manager

3. Create the shop page and click Next.

4. There are three options for checkout. Choose your preferred one and click Next.

5. Choose the Facebook page for which you are creating the shop. You can also select the connected Instagram page to sell on both platforms. Click Next

6. Choose the Business Manager account and click Next.

7. Choose the product catalog that you want to show in the shop.

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