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Facebook Advertising Policy and Guidelines

Facebook Ad Policies

Facebook has set some essential advertising policies to approve the content for promotion. The platform will disable your page, existing ads, and restrict your ability to create new ads, merge pages, etc. 

Restricted and Prohibited Content in Facebook Ads

Facebook doesn’t allow the following kind of content on its platform for ads:

1. Ads that exhibit the race, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc. of a person.

2. Ads showing adult content.

3. Ads implying ways to connect with someone for sexual purposes.

4. Ad content linking to the branded content of Facebook or Instagram. 

5. Ads with a purpose to sell illegal products and services. 

6. Ads promoting discrimination againsts in any form, such as religion, sex, color, race, gender, genetic condition, etc.

7. Ads promoting tobacco, cigarettes, and other things related to smoking.

8. Ads promoting drugs, unsafe supplements, etc.

9. Ads promoting weapons, explosives, and related accessories.

10. Ads intended to sell adult products or services related to reproductive health products, family planning, etc.

11. Ads showing copyrighted content, images, and videos that belong to third-party.

12. Ads including some shocking, sensational, or violent content. 

13. Ads continuously showing false information that can mislead people.

14. Ads showing controversial issues or crises.

15. You can’t link to landing pages that are not working or containing prohibited content.

16. Your content should not have extreme grammatical or punctuation errors.

17. Ads promoting payday loans, fake financial services, etc.

18. Ads should not have malware, spyware, etc. that can cause harm to users’ devices. 

19. Ads promoting gambling, casino, cryptocurrency trading, online gaming with financial risks, etc. 

GDPR and Data Use Restrictions

1. It is the advertiser and service provider’s responsibility to protect the data collected from ads on Facebook and Instagram. All the data must be kept confidential and secure.

2. The collected data from ads should not be used for any other purposes like using it across other ad campaigns or to enable piggybacking.

3. The data should not be used to create, edit, or influence the profiles of users.

4. The collected data should not be transferred or shared to any ad exchange, broker, ad network, etc. 

Ads Related to Politics and National Importance

  • If you are running ads related to social issues, politics, or elections, your content must meet the applicable laws and authorization policies of Facebook. The platform can put restrictions on such ads where appropriate. 

  • To run political or election-related advertisements, you should fulfil the authorization process needed by Facebook for targeting users in the targeted geography.

  • These policies are applicable whether you are running the ad for any political figure, party, or political influencers.

  • These also include campaigns asking people to go out and vote.

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