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Understanding Facebook Ad Placements

What are Placements in Facebook Ads?

There are several places to choose from to show the ad on Facebook and Instagram. For example, the ad can appear in the Facebook news feed, stories, marketplace, Messenger, between videos, etc. These places are called placements.

All Facebook Ad Placement Options Explained

Following are all the placement options with Facebook Ads:

  • Facebook News Feed

When people browse new posts on Facebook, your ad appears there in the news feed.

  • Instagram Feed

The ad appears when people browse their news feed on Instagram.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Your ad will show to people visiting Facebook Marketplace.

  • Facebook Video Feeds

An option to show your ad between the videos on Facebook.

  • Facebook Right Column

This placement is available only on Facebook for desktop. Facebook will show the ad in the sidebar of the news feed, in the right column.

  • Instagram Explore

When people visit the explore section on Instagram and browse the posts, the ad will appear. 

  • Messenger Inbox

When you want to show the ad in the Messenger home tab. 

  • Facebook Stories

To show the ad to people browsing stories on Facebook.

  • Instagram Stories

To show the ad to people browsing stories on Instagram.

  • Messenger Stories

To show the ad to people browsing stories on Messenger. 

  • IGTV Videos

The ads show between the videos uploaded on IGTV.

  • Facebook In-Stream Videos

The ads show between the live videos on Facebook. 

  • Facebook Search Results

It will show your ad in the search results on Facebook and Marketplace. 

  • Messenger Sponsored Messages

To show the ad to people in Messenger who have interacted with your business. 

  • Facebook Instant Articles

This feature is only for mobile devices. The ad appears between the articles. 

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