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Different Facebook Ads Objectives and How to Choose Right Objective?

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  • Choosing Right Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

Choosing Right Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

To fulfil the purpose of the ad, you need to be clear about its objective. Ask yourself what your goals are? What do you want to achieve with the advertisement? 

For example, if your aim is to tell people about your services and bring them to the website, then you can choose the traffic objective.

Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

Here is a brief about all the objectives available with Facebook ads:

  • Brand Awareness

Used to raise awareness among people about your business and services.

  • Reach

Used to make your ad visible to as many users as possible.

  • Traffic

Direct your audience on Facebook to your website by adding a link to the ad. The link can be to a landing page, article, homepage, etc. 

  • Engagement

This is useful for improving the engagement on your posts, including likes, comments, shares. 

  • App Installs

Great for promoting your mobile app and driving the number of app installations. 

  • Video Views

To promote your Facebook videos and make more people watch your content.

  • Lead Generation

When you want to generate leads for your business.

  • Messages

Get in touch with potential customers on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct. 

  • Conversions

Drive people to the website and persuade them to take action like buy products, register for an event, etc. 

  • Catalog Sales

This is a good option for eCommerce sites to promote products and boost sales.

  • Store Traffic

Running an ad for a business to bring more local customers to the store. 

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