Facebook Marketing Tutorial

Different Facebook Ad Formats

Image Ads

Image ads are the best if you are starting with Facebook advertising. You can choose to promote a post shared on your timeline or create a new ad with an image and text. You can add call-to-action with a link to your landing page.

Appealing and simple images with optimum text quantity reach more people and drive clicks. You can add call-to-action with a link to your landing page.

Image ads in Facebook

Video Ads

You can create short videos and advertise them on Facebook. The platform will show your video in the news feed, stories, and longer videos. You can choose to shoot a small video or create GIF-like animations using tools.

Facebook Ad Formats, Video Ads

Carousel Ads

In carousel ads, you can share up to 10 images or videos with custom content and call-to-action. Carousel ads are great when you want to showcase multiple products or services with links to specific landing pages, and share a story in the form of images/videos that users can see by swiping left and right. 

You can also show a step-by-step process visually, or tell the benefits of your service, with one or two benefits per image.

Instant Experience Ads

This type of ads shows when people tap on the ad on smartphones and tablets. Instance Experience ads are good for grabbing the user attention as these load faster and open in full screen. You can use these ads to tell your brand story with creative elements, buttons, and call-to-actions. Product and service catalogue can be promoted effectively with more content in the ad. 

Facebook Ad Formats, Instant Experience Ads

Collection Ads

Collection ads appear only on mobile devices, enabling showcase of up to five images or videos with custom call-to-actions (CTAs). Using these ads, the users can make the purchase of products or services right from Facebook. This is great to enable an online shopping experience faster on the go. 

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