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How to Set Budget for Facebook Ads

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  • Setting Facebook Ads Budget

Setting Facebook Ads Budget

The ad budget is the money that you invest in running ad campaigns and reaching the right people on the platform. The budget options in Facebook Ads allow you to gain control over how much you spend on the ad. You can choose whether to set your budget on a daily basis or define the total budget for the ad. 

  • Daily budget

This is the average amount that will be spent each day during the start and end dates selected by you. This is a good option to choose if you want to spend a consistent amount every day and reach the audience consistently.

  • Lifetime budget

This is the total budget that you set for the ad. For instance, if you set $500 as your ad’s lifetime budget, the campaign will run till the amount is exhausted. 

When you set a budget for Facebook Ads, the platform shows you the reach or clicks it will drive for the amount set by you. Based on these metrics, you can edit the targeted audience or make decisions on how much to spend for how many days. 

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