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30+ Most Famous Companies Accepting Bitcoins in 2022

Top Companies That Accept Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoins have become a trend for not only individuals but also for companies. It has taken over the market as it is one of the largest known digital currencies. There are numerous websites that accept Bitcoins or companies that accept Bitcoin. 

Some of the famous companies that currently accept Bitcoins are:

1. Microsoft

2. Wikipedia

3. AT&T 

4. Burger King

5. KFC

6. Starbucks

7. Travala

8. Rakuten

9. Overstock

10. Subway

11. Twitch

12. Pizza Hut

13. Miami Dolphins

14. Dallas Mavericks

15. Virgin Galactic

16. PayPal

17. Norwegian Air

18. Namecheap

19. CheapAir

20. Gyft

21. NewEgg

22. The Internet Archive

23. The Pirate Bay

24. 4Chan

25. Home Depot

26. Etsy


28. Amazon (not directly)

29. Express VPN

30. Benfica

31. Quiznos

32. SMC

33. Wholefoods

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