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What is Bitcoin Exchange? Top Bitcoin Exchange Platforms

What is Bitcoin Exchange?

Bitcoin Exchange is referred to as the digital marketplace where traders can transact Bitcoins (buy or sell) using altcoins and fiat currencies. It is an online platform acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency.

In order to transact in a Bitcoin exchange, the user registers with the exchange and goes through a series of verification processes for its identity authentication. After the authentication becomes successful, the account is opened for the user to transfer funds into the desired account before buying coins. 

In simple terms, a Bitcoin Exchange works like a platform where you can pay for the Bitcoins in your currencies (INR, USD, EURO, etc.) or choose to sell your existing Bitcoins to others.

What is bitcoin exchange

Some of the top Bitcoin Exchange platforms include:

1. Coinbase


3. Uphold

4. Binance

5. Kraken

6. Gemini


8. KuCoin

9. Bitstamp

10. Bittrex

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