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Android Partitions Explained in Simple Terms (Layout)

What is Partition Layout?

In the storage memory of Android devices, there are some logical storage divisions. These are called partitions. Partition layout means in what order, offsets, sizes, etc., the divisions are stored in memory. 

In some devices, the partition layout is under the control of boot loaders, whereas in other devices, it is under the control of the kernel. The aim of having a partition layout is to enable the functionalities in the device properly. 

How to Find Android Partitions?

There are a number of ways to find the partition layout of a device.

  1. Check the content of the partition entry in /proc file system.

  2. Look at the contents of the SoC (system on chip) specific directories in /dev/block/platform. 

  3. Some information about the partition layout can also be found at /etc/vold/fstabl file, kernel logs, and recovery log. 

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